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Car driver versus bike messenger

And here is a funny video of how one driver deals with a very annoying bike messenger. The quality is not great but we think it’s worth a look.

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Are bike messengers hated?

Here is a great film showing how the public view bike messengers in the cities.

Some quite like the job they do but there are many who really detest them and giving good reasons why.

This film is a great insight into why there is this love hate relationship.

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A Bad Day At The Office

We all know how some days are worse than others. In the courier business it can be waiting for a customer who hasn’t yet got the goods ready or maybe the motorway your on has just come to a standstill.

Well we have just come across what maybe one of the funniest short animation films we have seen.
It’s about a secret agent having serious trouble with, of all things, a pigeon and we think it’s well worth a watch.

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Couriers beware

Average Speed Cameras In London

The first average speed cameras were now being used in London.
As many as 84 of the new cameras are being placed along the A13 between the Canning Town flyover and the Goresbrook Interchange.
This now means that anyone travelling the seven and a half miles may as well travel at the new 50 mph (the speed limit over the flyovers may stay at 40 mph for safety reasons) as covering the distance any faster will get you a speeding ticket.

These cameras have been in use on many motorways for some time and as anyone who has been through sets of these will tell you, EVERYONE abides by the speed limit. This should lead to less accidents and therefore make it easier for courier companies to give a more accurate ETA.

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