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New websphere

This brilliant video is a spoof send up of the Jay-Z Alicia Keys song Empire State Of Mind.

It makes great fun of the social networking scene backed by new lyrics.
Maybe someone will come up with a New York Couriers video to the same tune.

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Courier assaulted

A couriers job is never easy.
What is the world coming to when a courier driver can’t stop for a quick leak without risking being assaulted.

In Chipping Warden near Banbury on Wednesday, March 3rd between 2.40pm and 3pm a couple of slime balls decided to assault a courier driver after he’d stopped to go to the toilet.

Lets hope the police catch the low lifes and allow the courier to finish his urination on their heads.
Fair justice we’d say.

To read more on the story click here

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Sausage-throwing trucker ordered to pay more than £600

We’ve come across a really funny story.

A sausage-throwing trucker has been ordered to pay more than £600 in fines and costs after failing to pay an initial £75 fine for littering.

On 2 July 2009, an Irlam, Cheshire-based HGV driver was seen throwing a half-eaten sausage from his cab window while parked in a lay-by at Ainley Top roundabout near Huddersfield, West Yorks, just off the M62.

Read more: Sausage throwing trucker

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Charge your phone battery using your finger

A battery that can be charged by spinning it on the end of your finger.

This looks like it would be of great benefit to couriers who may have forgotten their mobile phone charger.
We have all had it happen to us at one time or another.

We rush out of the door and the last thing on our mind is that in a couple of hours time our phone will be dead with no way of communicating with our customers.

Well this could well be the solution See here

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Time wasted using Blackberry

As one of the favourite phones for business, the Blackberry is also popular with couriers.
A report in the Telegraph says that according to research millions of Brits find it impossible to switch off and keep their work devices on even when they’re not in the office.
If your a courier on call 24 hours a day then this is unavoidable. The device is probably the best tool as it acts as a mini computer and communications centre all in one. But as the report says, having it on 24/7 can be very stressful.

Are you one of those constantly who cannot switch off?

Read the full report here

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Can I order a chicken head please

Couriers know only too well that sometimes there isn’t enough time to stop for a good meal. Thats when the fast food restaurants come to mind.

Well next time you order a meal in a box it might be an idea to take a look at exactly what you have just been served up.
If your partial to fried chicken head then you’ve nothing to worry about. See the news report video.

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