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Goats Return to Lawn Mowing Duty at Google

Google Goats Return to Lawn Mowing Duty in Mountain View.

Is this a clever environmentally friendly idea or just a bit of fun from those super guys at Google.

They have come up with a great way to mow the lawns at their HQ, sending out their top number grass crunchers.

Google goats


Tories or Labour

Who cares I hear you say.
A lot of people aren’t that bothered about who forms a government so long as things get better. But will they.
Well at the moment, while things remain uncertain, it is not doing the country any good. We need to get back to the days where business is booming and that may be a long way off.
The courier business is, like most, suffering. A lot of small couriers are just about hanging on and they need to have some sort of idea just how long it is going to take to get back to ‘business as usual’
Well, how long is a piece of string.
All we know is the longer the political parties take to get this country back on its feet, the more businesses are going to go to the wall.
So to all you party leaders, “GET YOUR FINGERS OUT”.