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How good is that courier?

How good is the new courier you are about to book?

We all know that at some point we will need to get something somewhere very fast. The trouble is you can’t always deliver it yourself.
This is when you turn to a courier company.

How do you know how good the courier you are appointing to deliver you urgent consignment is.
Well unless you use them on a regular basis, you don’t.
You could always ask a friend or work colleague for a recommendation but this is not always possible.

This may be when you turn to a search engine like Google.

In this situation the best thing you can do when you have selected a courier company is ask some important questions.

Asking for a quote is the usual question but other important things may be overlooked.

Will it be delivered in time? Get an Estimated Time of Arrival for both pick up and delivery.

Is it going directly there? Some couriers will charge you for direct delivery, then group it with something else.

Are the goods insured? You would be surprised just how many ‘couriers’ do not have the neccessary Goods In Transit insurance.

There are many other questions but basically it is just common sense to ask questions before using someone for the first time.