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Couriers in demand in rural areas ?

With the abundance of sameday couriers in London there should never be a problem getting the service you require.

Not so in some rural areas of the country, but it could improve if demand rises.

With Royal Mail making plans to sell off most of its business to a foreign rival, it could mean the end of daily deliveries in rural areas, Welsh MPs warned last night.

Could this mean more work for couriers. Maybe, but would customers in these areas be willing to pay a lot more to get their items delivered.
Time will tell but if a private company can offer a similar service to Royal Mail then it may not be such bad news for those people out in the sticks after all.

Whats definite is that the public will not be happy with of their regular daily deliveries being eroded because of a cost cutting exercise.


Couriers of the future

Could this be an insight into the couriers of the future.

You order your car or small van to turn up. You load the parcels etc on board. You then instruct it on where to go. All without a driver.

We all know that the most important component when ordering a courier vehicle is the courier driver.
Without him or her the vehicle is going nowhere.

Well take a look what Google have been up to. They have been trialling a car that drives itself.
What we can’t work out is how they managed to get permission to try it out on the public roads.
In the UK the law states the driver must have both hands on the stearing wheel at all times.

Well we think this is very interesting research that could have very serious implications in the not too distant future.

Google Computer-Driven Prius

PS: This could also be the end of drink driving, that is if you were still sober enough to remember where you parked your car in the first place.