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Electric Vehicle Charging A Big Problem

After reading many articles on the advancement of electric vehicles in the UK the same problem keeps coming up.
Although you can in theory drive from London to Birmingham in an electric car, there just aren’t enough places to recharge your vehicle away from home.
We would love to see the day when all vehicles, including electric courier vehicles, are the biggest percentage of transport on the roads of London and the rest of the UK.

Unfortunately there are two problems.
One is the lack of charging points. The second is the time it takes to recharge your vehicle.

At the moment recharging an electric car is measured in hours but manufacturers are trying to come up with ways to get your vehicle fully charged in just minutes.

If both these problems are addressed sooner rather than later, then this in turn would bring more buyers, which in turn will bring the price of such vehicles down rapidly.

Then the electric vehicle market would really explode, and this can only be a good thing for the planet.