How will London couriers cope during the Olympics

It’s hard to tell just how well London couriers will cope with the influx of an extra five million visitors.

To be honest, London traffic has never been good at the best of times, so an estimated 30% increase on the roads London could well grind the capital to a halt.

Londons transport infrastructure has been identified as one of the biggest risks to the games’ smooth running and anyone that delivers regularly in London already knows this.
Also, couriers delivering within the capital during this period will be impacted by transport changes, which will increase delivery times in the capital. This will almost certainly affect the following postcodes E, EC, WC, SE, N, NW, SW and W.
Some couriers may even refuse to attempt anything within the E postcodes.

Lets hope it all runs smoothly as the government has intended, and everyone including good old London sameday couriers, do well from the increased business.


Will any London Sameday Couriers look like this?

Tron fans may remember this bike but will we ever see any of the London Sameday Couriers riding one of these

This fantastic bike is all electric and can do 100mph and has a range of 100 miles.

It really is space age but one things for sure, no car driver can claim he never saw you.

Royal Mail apologise for late deliveries

Royal Mail has had to apologise after a problem with it’s new system meant that letters were being delivered as late as 6.30 in the evening.

Their system had problems due to a change over in how letters were delivered. Many walk and bike rounds had been replaced by vans as there were now more parcels and less letters.
This is due mainly to the increase in online shopping.

Royal Mail bosses admitted that due to the changes brought in last month, there were delays in the post reaching some households in Peterborough.
Royal Mail apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused.

A spokewoman said “These are only bedding in problems and we hope delivery times will get back to normal as soon as possible”

Usually where Royal Mail have problems, there is an increase in same day courier business due to companies wanting to know that urgent documents and parcels are going to arrive on time.

Getting your parking ticket overturned

It is one of those facts of life, especially if you drive and park in London. Sooner or later the likelyhood is you will end up getting a parking ticket.

Parking tickets are one of the things that send your blood pressure rocketing. It’s bad enough receiving one when you know you’ve broken the law, parking illegally. But there are times when your certain that you have parked within the rules.
Most people fume at this but then up paying it as they just can’t be bothered to contest it. Same Day couriers in London are only too aware that it’s worth contesting. This also goes for Same Day couriers in Manchester and Leeds

If you’ve got a good case, maybe the signs were not clear or even incorrect or maybe the yellow lines were faded.
Whatever you do, make sure you contest it.
If you’ve got a good reason to contest it, put in writing your reasons (and photo evidence) and the chances are you will have the ticket (PCN) cancelled.

If the ticket is not cancelled, all is not lost. You can still take it to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, the independent body which covers 250 local councils in England and Wales. It is based in Manchester but arranges personal hearings around the country.

If you have a good case there is every chance it will be cancelled, because if the tribunual agree with your appeal, they have the power to force the council to quash it. What’s more you may even get your expenses paid if you have to attend.

Read the BBC report: How are parking tickets overturned?

Sending your love by courier

The Post Office have shown that a card is the way to the nation’s hearts this Valentine’s day.

With 64% sending a card or letter and over 12 million being sent thats a lot of love to go round.

The true way to show a woman you love her has always been the good old boquet of flowers, and what better way than to personally select them and then have them delivered by courier.

Other forms of showing ones love are
Phone call – 8%
Electronic card – 7%
Text Message – 6%
Message on social network site – 5%
Email – 5%

Well whichever method you use, it will pay dividends in the long run.

Electric Vehicle Charging A Big Problem

After reading many articles on the advancement of electric vehicles in the UK the same problem keeps coming up.
Although you can in theory drive from London to Birmingham in an electric car, there just aren’t enough places to recharge your vehicle away from home.
We would love to see the day when all vehicles, including electric courier vehicles, are the biggest percentage of transport on the roads of London and the rest of the UK.

Unfortunately there are two problems.
One is the lack of charging points. The second is the time it takes to recharge your vehicle.

At the moment recharging an electric car is measured in hours but manufacturers are trying to come up with ways to get your vehicle fully charged in just minutes.

If both these problems are addressed sooner rather than later, then this in turn would bring more buyers, which in turn will bring the price of such vehicles down rapidly.

Then the electric vehicle market would really explode, and this can only be a good thing for the planet.

Couriers in demand in rural areas ?

With the abundance of sameday couriers in London there should never be a problem getting the service you require.

Not so in some rural areas of the country, but it could improve if demand rises.

With Royal Mail making plans to sell off most of its business to a foreign rival, it could mean the end of daily deliveries in rural areas, Welsh MPs warned last night.

Could this mean more work for couriers. Maybe, but would customers in these areas be willing to pay a lot more to get their items delivered.
Time will tell but if a private company can offer a similar service to Royal Mail then it may not be such bad news for those people out in the sticks after all.

Whats definite is that the public will not be happy with of their regular daily deliveries being eroded because of a cost cutting exercise.