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When you need a same day courier from Manchester to London

From time to time most companies in Manchester or surrounding areas will have a requirement for an urgent delivery to London.
Whether it be something large like a pallet of goods or just something small like documents , there will always be a time when tomorrow is too late.

That’s where Fastspeed Couriers come in. With most large vans , small vans and sizes in between , available at all times, this is not a problem and actually very cost effective if it just has to be there urgently. All deliveries are carried out ASAP.

With a great knowledge of the London area there is no better company at getting the job done.

So whether its documents, a passport, a laptop or general parcels, just visit Same Day Courier Manchester to London for a quote


Getting your parking ticket overturned

It is one of those facts of life, especially if you drive and park in London. Sooner or later the likelyhood is you will end up getting a parking ticket.

Parking tickets are one of the things that send your blood pressure rocketing. It’s bad enough receiving one when you know you’ve broken the law, parking illegally. But there are times when your certain that you have parked within the rules.
Most people fume at this but then up paying it as they just can’t be bothered to contest it. Same Day couriers in London are only too aware that it’s worth contesting. This also goes for Same Day couriers in Manchester and Leeds

If you’ve got a good case, maybe the signs were not clear or even incorrect or maybe the yellow lines were faded.
Whatever you do, make sure you contest it.
If you’ve got a good reason to contest it, put in writing your reasons (and photo evidence) and the chances are you will have the ticket (PCN) cancelled.

If the ticket is not cancelled, all is not lost. You can still take it to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, the independent body which covers 250 local councils in England and Wales. It is based in Manchester but arranges personal hearings around the country.

If you have a good case there is every chance it will be cancelled, because if the tribunual agree with your appeal, they have the power to force the council to quash it. What’s more you may even get your expenses paid if you have to attend.

Read the BBC report: How are parking tickets overturned?

Couriers of the future

Could this be an insight into the couriers of the future.

You order your car or small van to turn up. You load the parcels etc on board. You then instruct it on where to go. All without a driver.

We all know that the most important component when ordering a courier vehicle is the courier driver.
Without him or her the vehicle is going nowhere.

Well take a look what Google have been up to. They have been trialling a car that drives itself.
What we can’t work out is how they managed to get permission to try it out on the public roads.
In the UK the law states the driver must have both hands on the stearing wheel at all times.

Well we think this is very interesting research that could have very serious implications in the not too distant future.

Google Computer-Driven Prius

PS: This could also be the end of drink driving, that is if you were still sober enough to remember where you parked your car in the first place.

How good is that courier?

How good is the new courier you are about to book?

We all know that at some point we will need to get something somewhere very fast. The trouble is you can’t always deliver it yourself.
This is when you turn to a courier company.

How do you know how good the courier you are appointing to deliver you urgent consignment is.
Well unless you use them on a regular basis, you don’t.
You could always ask a friend or work colleague for a recommendation but this is not always possible.

This may be when you turn to a search engine like Google.

In this situation the best thing you can do when you have selected a courier company is ask some important questions.

Asking for a quote is the usual question but other important things may be overlooked.

Will it be delivered in time? Get an Estimated Time of Arrival for both pick up and delivery.

Is it going directly there? Some couriers will charge you for direct delivery, then group it with something else.

Are the goods insured? You would be surprised just how many ‘couriers’ do not have the neccessary Goods In Transit insurance.

There are many other questions but basically it is just common sense to ask questions before using someone for the first time.

Empowering Couriers with a Single Blackberry Device

MD Anderson, a top cancer care hospital in the U.S. has a courier service that handles between 7,500 and 8,000 deliveries a month.

They have enpowered 11 drivers with the Blackberry Curve 8350i device and EnterMoCase barcode scanning and signature capture cases

Charles E. Baker III, the hospital’s supervisor of logistics services, oversees MD Anderson’s courier service says
“We needed to be able to communicate with our drivers, and I didn’t want them to have to carry two or three different devices to do their job,”

They were looking for was one device that could capture all the data that needed to be captured, and be able to communicate with the drivers and at roughly $750 a unit for 11 units , the upfront costs was minimal.

Also, Actsoft’s Comet Tracker was used to view each driver’s location. This allows them the ability to track their drivers via GPS and then send them jobs as and when needed.

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Are onboard airline couriers a thing of the past?

Looking for a cheap way to fly.

Many people have travelled the world getting cheap flights by acting as an in flight courier

But are airline couriers a thing of the past?

According to Kelly Monaghan, author of, Air Courier Bargains: ‘How to Travel World-Wide for Next to Nothing’ has stated,
“Because of changes in the air freight industry and world-wide concerns about airline security in the wake of 9/11, air courier travel is, effectively, a thing of the past.”

If you do find someone or a company advertising an “airline courier wanted” be sure to take great care who it is you would be working for as you would not want to be caught carring anything untoward which may get you in serious trouble.

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Tories or Labour

Who cares I hear you say.
A lot of people aren’t that bothered about who forms a government so long as things get better. But will they.
Well at the moment, while things remain uncertain, it is not doing the country any good. We need to get back to the days where business is booming and that may be a long way off.
The courier business is, like most, suffering. A lot of small couriers are just about hanging on and they need to have some sort of idea just how long it is going to take to get back to ‘business as usual’
Well, how long is a piece of string.
All we know is the longer the political parties take to get this country back on its feet, the more businesses are going to go to the wall.
So to all you party leaders, “GET YOUR FINGERS OUT”.