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Parcel delivery jobs in London for the Christmas rush

We see that independent parcel carrier Yodel are offering courier jobs available in the Dartford area for the run up to Christmas. There are just short of 150 jobs going including  directly employed drivers, owner drivers and self-employed couriers

They are offering staff the chance to work from home in their own car, delivering and picking up parcels from the local area. London same day couriers are always in demand at this time of year so this is nothing new but is welcome news for those seeking extra income.


London helicopter courier service

The first ever helicopter courier service in London is now in service, delivering urgent documents from across the Atlantic to the city’s vast number of banks in as little as 24 hours.

The DHL Express service flies daily from Heathrow into the Isle of Dogs. This essentially bypasses the traffic and is said to cut the journey time into Canary Wharf and then the City of London by as much as one hour, where London same day couriers then complete the job by road.

This service must be highly popular and can only help businesses in the capital where time is of the essence.

Royal Mail going from strength to strength

Royal Mail mail deliveries have been in decline for some time with less letters being sent. This could be down to the increased use of email etc.
On the other hand Royal Mail parcel deliveries have been on the up giving them an increase for the same period as last year for the six months up to September from £12m to £144m.

How this affects the sameday courier business is anyones guess. Whilst there will always be a need for Same Day Couriers in London many companies that are feeling the pinch may opt for a next day delivery if their customer can wait until the following morning.

Business on the whole seems to be surviving at the moment. This is not the case for some of our neighbours in Europe. In Spain things are looking very grim at the moment with many businesses really struggling. Our goverment says they are doing everything they can to get business moving. We can only hope that the situation there doesn’t end up the same here.

Will any London Sameday Couriers look like this?

Tron fans may remember this bike but will we ever see any of the London Sameday Couriers riding one of these

This fantastic bike is all electric and can do 100mph and has a range of 100 miles.

It really is space age but one things for sure, no car driver can claim he never saw you.